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Yana Tkachuk

Yana was born in Ukraine and came to the United States as a teenager with her family. Very early in her life she displayed multiple talents and by the time she was a teenager, she had already become an accomplished fine artist and music performer, with solo exhibitions, concerts, and multiple awards to her name. Since then, she discovered a fascination in working closely with people. From her interest in governance (she was president of International Club in her High School and Student Government representative) to volunteering with several Community organizations (in the areas of international and multicultural political education, business, and marketing), Yana strived to apply her people skills and international experiences to sharing with the community and learning how it interrelates with the government and business spheres.

Always industrious and career-oriented, at a young age Yana got into the field of finance and has held a Life, Accident and Health Insurance License for over 6 years. Besides the challenges of keeping up with the dynamic financial world, she loves to work with people directly and assist them with making major life decisions.

When the time came for her family to find and buy a house that they could call their home, Yana got fully immersed in the process. Every step of the way, she discovered more and more how fascinating the field of real estate is to her, and realized that Real Estate is where her passion is. A true believer that one's work should be where one's heart is invested, Yana decided that Real Estate is what she wanted to make her life's career.

Yana wanted to be the part of the Lyon realtors team from the get-go. She is dedicated to her company and her career and treats each day with great enthusiasm.

In her free time, Yana continues to enjoy art, painting, and music, as well as participating in the community and studying politics and psychology. She loves traveling and exploring Europe but her heart is always fully in her homeland of California

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